A quarter of Brits are already preparing for Christmas

While most of the country is battling with balmy public transport and dusting off their barbecues for the weekend, a thrifty quarter of people (23%) are already stashing money away for Christmas. Meanwhile by September a whopping 39% of Brits will have started saving for the festive season.

A survey by money-saving and cash back website www.247homeshopping.com has shown those in Scotland appear to be the best savers, with more people in Aberdeen (33%) and Edinburgh (25%) starting to save for Christmas by July than anywhere else in the country. These savvy Scots are followed swiftly by Brummies with 22% starting to save around this time.

www.247homeshopping.comfounder Richard Winhammar said: “Shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy. With a super prepared 12% of Brits starting to save for Christmas as early as January this year, our research also revealed that three quarters (75%) of people use vouchers or reward systems to help save money at Christmas, and almost a fifth (18%) shop exclusively online.”

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