Don’t Wait for the Holiday Season: Shop Now and Get Good Cashback Deals

When it comes to shopping in the holiday season, most people tend to wait till the last moment when the holiday is upon them, to shop for different goodies. And that can be a mistake because they don’t really know what deals features and they are not really sure what products to buy, which ends up wasting time and money saving opportunities.

Another mistake people make is not shop from cashback websites. They end up going to other popular e-stores, which do offer deals and discounts, but people seldom end up saving money on their shopping. This is completely the opposite of shopping from a cashback website where you end up making money on your purchase.

Cashback websites have become incredibly popular these days. Having been launched in the early 90’s, the concept and the websites have come a long way in providing customers a satisfactory shopping experience over the decades.  Cashback websites offer customers a percentage of cash on their purchases. Basically, they make commissions by becoming affiliate marketers for dozens of online retailers. So, it is important to understand the fact that cashback websites are not e-stores, they are affiliate websites.

And like any other online affiliate, they market the brand names of different stores and help attract visitors from over the globe. The retailers on the list of any cashback website pay the website a commission based on the how much business the site brought them. The commission the site earns isn’t fixed per se and can considerably vary depending on the amount of business and transactions conducted. Nevertheless, cashback websites share the commissions with you, the shopper. And this is what makes them an ideal portal to shop from.

However, having said that it is important that you always stick to shopping from a well-reputed and authentic cashback website. There are a lot of websites out there, but a big chunk of them are fraudulent. So, look for a good cashback website that offers a free membership. This is one of the signs that the site is authentic. There are many sites that charge people a specific amount of fee for subscribing, and then they suddenly shut down. And that can be a problem.

Subscribing for a cashback website is very easy, all you need to do is provide the site with relevant information as to what you email is. Then you create a password, accept the terms and conditions and voila, you are a member. It is easy to begin shopping from a cashback website and earn huge cash rewards on your first purchases. 

Earning Big Cashbacks before Shopping for Christmas

Most people look forward to shopping for Christmas neglecting other holidays that can help them earn bigger rewards and deals on different products. There is no doubt that a majority of online retailers and cashback websites now provide their customers with all the accommodation in the world to comfortably shop online and come back for more. Plus, it is also true that many people end up in debt when the impulsively shop for things during the Christmas season, adding to their financial woes in January. That is why it is important bust the myth that Christmas is the only holiday season to shop and win rewards.

Holidays to Look Forwards to Shop Online

Christmas is no longer the holiday season to shop in. Black Friday is considered to be the biggest shopping holiday worldwide. And Cyber Monday too has become a very good day to buy different products, save money and earn money in the process.

Online retailers provide special deals and discounts on cashback websites on Black Friday and Cyber Monday that most traditional online stores don’t. This makes it important for you to shop compulsively on these holidays rather than missing out your opportunity and shopping impulsively on Boxing Day. Cyber Monday falls after the Thanksgiving weekend, and a majority of people are of the notion that Cyber Monday is far better to shop for different products compared to the Christmas season.

And you can capitalize on your shopping, especially if you plan your budget and your shopping list well in advance. Plus, the same items you can buy on a Cyber Monday will be available on Boxing Day, so why wait when you can buy something on a far better discount and earn money on it as well. You can’t say for sure whether the discount offer provided is not going to be better than that on Christmas.

 You can even choose to shop on Black Friday and although people go out for shopping on Black Friday, good cashback websites have plenty of retailers that offer very attractive prices on things like kitchen appliances, electronic appliances and gadgets. If you want to buy a new smartphone or a tablet or a laptop you can get just as well get a 50% discount on your purchase and a cashback as well.

Benefits of Not Waiting until Christmas to Start Shopping

There are a couple of great benefits in not waiting until Christmas to begin your holiday shopping. Well for starters you won’t have to wait that long to buy your favorite products. For example, you won’t have to wait to buy your favorite phone, when you can easily buy it online via a cashback website on a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday. And with the money you can make in cashback rewards you can buy even more things on Christmas.

Cashback websites provided customers with different cashback percentages depending on the amount of things they buy and the consistently and frequency of their shopping. That is mainly why there is a certain threshold on when you and how you can make a big cashback. The website primarily has a points system in which you have to collect a certain number of points before you can be eligible for your cashback. And scoring those points can be very easy if you are smart about your shopping and smart on all the right Holidays.

When you reach the threshold outlined by the website you can directly receive your payment via PayPal into your account within 3-5 business days. So, if you don’t have a PayPal account it is necessary that you subscribe for one if you want to reap cashback rewards.

Another benefit of starting your shopping earlier in the holiday season is to steer clear off debts. This way you will not have to start your New Year worrying about paying for your big TV screen you just bought on credit. You could have bought the TV on a Black Friday at half the cost, which could have been a much more reasonable and affordable option.

Furthermore, Christmas is not merely to give and receive gifts as there are parties to host and attend, which can be a bit costly to say the least. And you will need the money to throw a big Christmas bash at your house. Shopping impulsively on Christmas can strip you off any cash you hoped to save. Although there are deals and discounts given, there are nowhere close to the type of discounts provided on Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Another very good benefit of not waiting until Christmas is to be able to plan a good budget for your expenses. You can make a list of things you wish to buy in advance and compare prices when a holiday like Black Friday is upon you. So you can compare prices, save money and enjoy your cashback rewards. Plus, on Boxing Day, people are always in the rush to buy things, they are in such a hurry that most neglect to checkout deals and discounts and buy the product on first glance. This could end up becoming a very regrettable decision as you could have save a lot of money had you been patient and looked for discount coupon.

Buying on different holiday before Christmas also gives you time to save a bit more money to buy presents for your family and friends. And because of the fact that there are discounts given on everything on Christmas you can buy a handful of present like perfumes, makeup and other things for loved ones or friends.

All in all, to sum it all up, it is will be a wise decision on your part if you decide to the bulk of your shopping on holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Plus, there you can take your time to shop online, carefully look for discounts and coupons offered to make informed decision as to what to buy and what leave for Christmas. And you can also end up making a lot in cashback rewards till Christmas, which is going to leave you with more options in regards to your shopping on Christmas.

So, shop for your favorite deals today, avail the discounts and don’t wait for Christmas to come because you can never be sure how much money you actually would be able to save on Christmas shopping. 

5 Ways You Can Earn a Quick Cashback without Having To Spend Extra Money

Using your credit card becomes even more lucrative, especially if you earn cashback rewards along the way. However, a lot of consumers make the terrible mistake of getting obsessed with rewards. In turn, these individuals end up disturbing their spending patterns just to earn them. That being said, according to the Wall Street Journal, it has been noted that rewards cards directly affect spending habits and cause consumers to increase their overall debts.

 Fortunately, as a consumer you do not need to increase your overall debts to make the most of your rewards cards. What is really interesting is the fact that with a few tweaks and tips, not only can you earn cashback rewards, but you can do so by spending very little of your own money. If you wish to learn more, read on.

1.     Choose a Card that Suits your Spending Habits

Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the fact that you will need to pick the best rewards card. Additionally, it has to meet your unique lifestyle. But then again, picking a card is not that simple. You have to keep in mind these cards are not specially designed for one individual in particular. These cards are instead the by-product of highly paid marketing teams that come together and brainstorm in order to come up with different ways to attract new customers as well as retain the existing ones. This makes the target audience a broad group like ‘business travellers’ or ‘students’ for instance. You will have to do your homework and will have to understand these marketing tactics. Once that is taken care of, it will be easier for you to determine which card provides the most rewards based on your spending patterns.

If you are still uncertain about the right card, there is no harm in searching for reviews online. These reviews provide valuable insight about consumer experiences and should help in the decision-making process. Research is the key in this regard. If you are still not satisfied and are finding it difficult to come to a thorough conclusion, there are plenty of other ways you can go about in order to make an informed decision. You can always ask for recommendations from your friends and family members. Moreover, you can tell about a particular credit service provider by their experience in the field. There are plenty of factors for you to consider, but know this, finding the right card is imperative for the following steps to work for you.  

2.     For all Recurring and Routine Expenses, Use the Credit Card

One of the biggest mistakes most consumers end up making to earn rewards is that they assume that they will earn more points by spending even more than ever before. Not only is it a bad idea, but it is reckless move on their part. These consumers usually look for the slightest of excuses to buy stuff just to increase the total amount of money being spent along with their totals.The approach is flawed, it is a sure way of increasing your debts by leaps and bounds, but even this should be the least of your concerns. You end up spending more than what is necessary, which itself is never a good thing. This in turn becomes a habit, which at times is difficult to get rid of!This can be avoided by using your credit cards to finance your day-to-day spending. Usually just like any other individual you know, you would have used debit cards or cash, but using your cashback card instead for such purposes will boost your spending total. Most importantly, it will not affect your finances in the process.

What most people do not realize is that almost everything you buy or pay for, whether it is groceries, utilities and even rent can be made using your credit cards. Make things simple, consolidate all of your spending on one credit card and at the end of the month, pay if off using the cash you have already set aside, and reap its rewards at the same time. 

3.     Instead of depending on Debit or Cash, Make Larger Purchases with the Credit Card Instead

Whether you are looking to buy a new Smartphone or LED TV, these purchases can do wonders for you in the long run. They are excellent candidates if you ever do want to use your credit card to earn big rewards. At one time, these purchases can add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to your spending total, which in turn increase reward points.

On the other hand, there is another benefit to using your credit card for large purchases, which includes extended warranty services and protection from fraud as well. Who in their right mind would ever want to miss out on these value added services? 

That being said, you must understand that such purchases should only be made if you have the cash for it in the first place. This in a way is no different from planned spending, but you are doing it much more efficiently all the while being profitable. Do not be greedy, and do not even try justifying rationalizing major purchases that you cannot afford or don’t want in the first place. 

4.     The Card Should be Used to Clear Any and All Outstanding Debts

You can accrue cashback points more responsibly and conveniently by servicing any and all debts with your rewards card. Every individual will have some sort of non-credit card debt that needs to be taken care of, this includes:

  • Vehicle financing
  • Student loans
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Mortgages

All of these can be paid with using your credit card. This has to be treated the same way you would treat your day-to-day expenses. Since you have the cash available to pay for these expenses each month, it does not end up being neither efficient nor profitable. You can instead consider repaying them with your credit card and then paying it off at the end of the month using the cash you have set aside beforehand. Interestingly, with the rebates you earn, you can partially offset your debts, so why not take advantage of it? 

5.     Be Proactive and Offer to Pay for your Friends (Have them repay you in Cash Later)

Planning a vacation with your friends? Here is the perfect opportunity for you to use this scenario to your advantage. You can easily earn a cashback from your escapade. It is actually quite simple, as you can offer to pay for airfare and even lodging using your reward card. But do not forget to get reimbursed in cash once the trip is over. Jokes apart, there really is no harm in this approach and neither do your friends have to worry about incurring additional charges or expenses. But what this does for you is that it adds to your total and you get to reap its benefits when the next cashback rebate arrives.

The same concept applies to almost any other circumstance you can think of. It is not just limited to trips or vacations. If a family member or a friend you know of is planning to make a large purchase, offer to do it for them. But that too depends on whether they are as thorough as you about earning points.
Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, you will come to realize there is a consistent thread running through these tips. Furthermore, they are not random pieces of suggestion either. In either of the cases, you are earning rewards through your own spending and that of others planning to do the same. Essentially, you do not end up changing your own spending habits and patterns dramatically which is exactly what this article is all about.

Now that you know everything there is to know about earning quick cashback rewards without increasing your overall debts and by spending very little, you will not be risking as much as others. If you are not sure about a particular card, try to understand what you are up against by going through its terms and conditions. There are plenty of different choices out there, all you need to do is play your part, be attentive and focused while making a decision.

Rest assured at first it may seem quite difficult to get used to, but eventually you will get the hang of it. The only way any of these tips will ever work for you is if you remain steadfast. Do not give in to your greed and do not fall for each and every marketing scheme that is thrown your way. You have to be rational at all times, which itself is difficult to say the least. By exercising caution and discipline while spending, you will realize all the opportunities you have missed out on numerous occasions. This will give you the motivation you need to be more rational and careful while using your credit card. 

A quarter of Brits are already preparing for Christmas

While most of the country is battling with balmy public transport and dusting off their barbecues for the weekend, a thrifty quarter of people (23%) are already stashing money away for Christmas. Meanwhile by September a whopping 39% of Brits will have started saving for the festive season.

A survey by money-saving and cash back website has shown those in Scotland appear to be the best savers, with more people in Aberdeen (33%) and Edinburgh (25%) starting to save for Christmas by July than anywhere else in the country. These savvy Scots are followed swiftly by Brummies with 22% starting to save around this time.

www.247homeshopping.comfounder Richard Winhammar said: “Shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy. With a super prepared 12% of Brits starting to save for Christmas as early as January this year, our research also revealed that three quarters (75%) of people use vouchers or reward systems to help save money at Christmas, and almost a fifth (18%) shop exclusively online.”

How price comparison affects online shopping?

Ever since the trend of online shopping picked up the pace, we all feel the pressure to stay updated with the most in-thing. All eCommerce stores lure with their attractive offers and items captivating us. Thankfully, to avoid burning a hole in our pockets and seal the deal right, we have Customer Shopping Engines aka Price Comparison sites.

The price comparison shopping engine was devised to let the users compare the prices of items available on the sites helping in availing the best offer. They don’t promote the selling of products but they help in making a better choice and redirecting the users to their destination.

It is a herculean task to browse through the same product over various sites just to settle down with the site that offers us just what we need. Price comparison sites help not only the users, but they help the advertisers placing their products for comparison on the site too! It is seen that 20% of sales on shopping sites comes from CSE where 94% of online users spend time in deciding the best price to pay.

It needs to be noticed that users flocking the net over price comparison are not just time killers but potential to-be clients. If one wants their business to get noticed then it is best to list it watching out for price sensitivity. It will bear results if your products rank at the top, as the first position belongs to the one serving quality at a pocket friendly price making it everyone’s favorite.

Get listed and get noticed to drive a huge traffic to your site. It will help in brand presence by highlighting your business and spreading awareness about the same. Sign up with popular price comparison sites to steal the limelight and bask in the glory later.

It really becomes a tough task, as a consumer,  to find your dream product at an unbeatable price from so many options to choose from. You can always come back to 247 Home Shopping which offers a plethora of products at unbelievable prices and so many discounts and cash back offers. If you are having a rough day the sales on your favorite retailers at can surely light up your day. After all, you deserve the best. Happy Shopping.