Money for Nothing & Everything You Buy for Free: Is There a Catch to Online Discount and Cashback Offers??

Cashback offers and online discount vouchers allow you to earn a return from the percentage of the money you spend on certain purchases. Cashback offers are a great way to earn money, while shopping online.  The amount you save is different for each cashback website and retailer. To obtain highest cashback, you can compare various websites, but be sure to only select those cashback websites that offer free membership.

If you want to purchase something online then instead of buying directly through the company’s website, buy it through the cashback site to earn and save money. Now a question rises for many of us: is there a catch to these online discount and cashback offers?

Cashback deals are becoming increasingly popular and consumers are making more purchases online than ever before. They have discovered that payback offers can give their financial situation while shopping online a significant boost.

Cashback offers can be lucrative if some important things are kept under strict consideration.  We share some of the catches with you, so you can avoid them and enjoy this amazing offer.

Some Catches of Cashback

Cash back is a bonus only.

According a recent study, 40 percent of cashback users don’t earn any return. Sometimes a dispute takes place between the cashback dealers and the retailers. The cash back website doesn’t itself receive any return on investment and hence it cannot pay you anything. The best way to save yourself from this catch is to consider the payback as a bonus only. Enjoy it if you receive it, but do not let it drive your buying decisions.

Cash back is yours only after it is in your back account

You simply cannot claim the cashback unless it is in your back account. Cashback websites can easily go bankrupt and you have almost no protection in this scenario. You may claim that the cashback website is a creditor, but once the cashback website closes down, all your money is gone and you cannot do anything about it.

Withdraw cashback as soon as you reach the threshold value

Try to withdraw your cash as soon as it reaches the threshold value because all your money will be gone if the cashback website stops functioning. Sometimes the company also changes the payout policy and can give you less money then you have actually earned.

Blaming the cashback website will be no good, instead try to withdraw the cash as soon as you believe the maximum value has been reached.

Focus on the best deals, not on the cashback

Do not let a deal with the most cashback offers attract you. If you fail to receive any cashback, the deal might be expensive for you. Try to concentrate on the cheapest deals. People often become ravenous and start purchasing expensive things to save their cashbacks. This becomes an addiction and leads to more loss then benefits and can damage your financial situation.

Clear the cookies in your browser

To ensure you receive your cashback, clear the cookies in your browser, so you can be tracked easily and can receive your due cashback.

How to save oneself from cash back catches?

Cashback catches are overhyped and can easily be avoided, if simple measures are taken.  We share some of the steps that need to be taken to avoid cashback catches and be a smart online shopper.

Select Cashback websites with free membership offers

Remember the best cashback websites have no annual membership fees. New users are provided a 30-day free trial package. After 30 days, if you do not downgrade yourself to the basic package, you may be charged automatically. Your cashback earnings also depend on the cashback website you choose. Try to select renowned websites, even if they offer less cashback.

Their history and reputation will guarantee to some extent that your cashback is safe and the company will not go kaput. It is best to keep your guard up while shopping rather than blaming the cashback website later on.

Cashback websites should boost return by 5 percent at least

If you choose vouchers instead of cashback, then you should receive a return of at least by 5 percent. Make sure you compare different websites offering cashbacks. Any website offering very high or low cashbacks for the same product can turn out to be a bogus website.

So try to be safe and select only top- notch cashback websites and then purchase from them. Purchasing through cashback site is also an art, which is learned and polished through experience. The more you buy, the more you will realize your mistakes and you will become better at buying.

 Trade cashback for rewards

You can also exchange your cashback for rewards. Every cashback website has a different exchanging system. To check point swapping for cashback, you can visit the website of any top cashback company.

Trading in for rewards can also be a good idea, because sometimes you get better deals in exchanging for rewards. For example, you can trade- in a £10 cashback for 1050 points, which can give you a Clubcard from Tesco.

This trade-in will ensure your benefits and will save you from losing your money. So make sure if you do not want to withdraw your cash back as yet, just trade it in.

Earn cashback in-store

There are many top cashback websites that are offering in-store cashback offers as well. Yes,  cashback websites have gained such popularity that retailers are now incorporating this idea in stores as well.

This is a win-win situation for both the retailers and the consumers. The retailers like to gain to more customers and the customers like to buy high quality stuff at discounted prices or with cashback offers. Cashback offers can be attractive and can be a good selling point for the retailers. There is no catch in cashback, if these offers are properly used and understood.

Do Research between different cash back websites before placing the order

Make sure to avoid any loopholes when you bounce between various websites before choosing the best deal. Even if you lose your cashback for a different reason, you will still be satisfied that you made the best deal and did not make any decision concentrating on the cashback only. The competition among cashback websites is only expected to rise as consumers become more and more aware about this money earning and saving phenomenon.

Do not distribute your cashback thinly

Majority of cashback websites return money only when a certain limit is reached, so try buying from the same cashback website. Instead, of buying from many different websites, if your cashback is low or beyond a certain limit. You might be never able to redeem it, wasting all your savings and hard work shopping.

Try to start cashback purchasing with a friend or family member who is experienced. In this way, you can easily overcome any hurdles and will not be confused at every step.

Check for reliability

Make sure the cash back website has an automated list of the websites that claim they pay. The cashback offers comes with risk, so there is no point of looking for a risk free offer. Just make sure that the risk you take is worth the product you are purchasing.

Some small sites are also included in the automated pay list and you can trust them. Cashback offers are also an exchange of trust. But do not take it to heart, if in case you fail to receive any cashback. Take pleasure in what you receive and forget what you do not.

Check if you will get all the cash

Some websites charge an annual fee and others send updates after a month, charging money from you. Make sure you are aware of this loophole. Study the website carefully before buying in order to know how much you have to pay and how much cashback you will receive.

Some cashback websites can be tricky to use and can hide information from the user. Be smart and do not fall prey to any of such websites. Cashback benefits depend on you. If you will be smart, you will gain from it otherwise some of these cashback websites can exploit you as well.


Cashback strikes chord with both online and in-store shoppers. After all, who does not like to save or make more money? Cash back websites are generally safe and secure. But still it is important to take all the necessary steps before making purchases through any of such websites.

Research and read reviews. This is an easy way to understand cash back pitfalls and how to make maximum money out of these offers. Cashback websites reward the retailers with more online traffic and cashback websites with more rewards. So, just take the necessary precautions and log on to the cashback website and enjoy the advantages.

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