'It's the Greener Way to Shop' and Many Other Reasons Why You Should Opt for Home Shopping

Online or home shopping has gained massive popularity in the recent years. People do not believe in wasting their time in shopping malls now. They would like to take their kids out to a park or hang out with their friends on a weekend; rather than wasting their time roaming around endlessly in shopping malls.

Home shopping has many advantages. This is the reason why every retailer or designer has an e-store now. The online shopping trend is growing rapidly and is definitely here to stay.  Online shopping stores offers clothes, gadgets, home accessories, electronic appliances and every item you will find in the brick and mortar stores.

Online shopping is also the green and eco-friendly way to buying and purchasing. You do not require car trips and imagine if all brick and mortar stores begin shifting online, how much electricity and other resources we can save?  How incredibly beneficial it will be for the humanity.

 Online shopping is convenient and fast. Your desired stuff appears right at your door step in just one click. You do not need any shopping or transportation. There is no hassle of hiring a baby sitter or dressing up. You can buy whatever you want from the comfort of your own house.

Online shopping increases your will power and helps you curb your over spending habits. While shopping in a brick and mortar store, you fall prey to instant satisfaction and buy whatever your heart desires. Many a times, when you come home, you realize that you did not even need the stuff you spent hundreds of dollars on. Home shopping makes you a smart shopper and controls impulse buying.

Home shopping reduces air pollution and helps you save fuel, which is getting costly by the day. It decreases the environmental pollution caused by additional packaging and help to decrease electricity bills. Online shopping also offers greater variety and some amazing discounts.

Going to mall now is an old school way of shopping. Online shopping is the modern and easy way. The internet has made our lives simpler and we should take advantage of this modern blessing and shop the clean and green way only.

We share some of the reasons that will establish why shopping online is way better than shopping from a brick and mortar store. These advantages will convince you to log into your computer and from now on make all purchase online only.

Paperless Environment

Home shopping allows you to make purchases 24/7. You can shop online at midnight wearing your pajamas and you do not have to worry about a thing. You can buy your stuff in minutes and there is no waiting line for you to pay the bill.

All guides and manual are also available with products you buy and come in the form of an e-book. Imagine the amount of paper; you save with online brochures and manuals. By shopping online, you are indirectly also contributing to a paperless environment.   If you want to avoid crowd and feel claustrophobic easily then there is no shopping method more convenient for you then online shopping.

More Variety

Online shopping offers a wide variety and infinite opportunities. You can buy from various brands and retailers, from the same e-store.  You can even make purchases from online stores in other countries without spending a single dollar on airfare. Online stores help you stay updated on local and international trends. They diminish the geographical boundaries while shopping.
Showcase space in brick and mortar stores is limited. Moreover, many products are not displayed properly and the consumer fails to notice it whereas, in online shopping stores it is almost impossible to overlook a product ever. Some stores now also deliver products as soon as they become available, in case you want to order an out of stock product. What else can a consumer want? Online shopping is comfortable and quick.

Better offers

Discount vouchers and cash back websites have made online shopping so much fun and easy. You can buy products at discounted prices and also save money. Online shopping offers special discounts to increase online sales. While shopping from home or work, your mind is in a more calculative state and you make better shopping decisions. The ambience of shopping malls is luring and attractive, you lose your focus and are not able to exploit the potential of discount deals.

Save fuel and reduce pollution

Fuel prices increase every month almost. Just calculate the amount of fuel you can save when you shop from home. Driving and gas releases in the air also have an impact on global warming. You contribute to both climate change and increasing carbon in the atmosphere every time you turn on the ignition. So try to shop online as much as you can and contribute to cleaner and greener environment.
Online shops save you from driving from one shop to another in search of the best prices. You can buy the best product in the best price right from your computer or cell phone.

No hassle of over-packaging

Online sellers are now recycling packaging to ship products. Online shopping reduces environmental pollution as there are no plastic shopping bags involved. Many famous retailers are now just reusing cardboard boxes and bubble wraps to save the environment.

So next time if someone argues with you that online shopping increases waste, make sure to share that home shopping encourages recycling whereas shopping from a brick and mortar store promotes wastage through plastic and paper shopping bags.

Make discreet purchases

Sometimes you want to shop privately and do not want to share with the world what you are buying. Home shopping is best for making cautious purchases. You do not have to worry about what other people think of your choice.

More often you are shopping decisions are influenced by what other people or the shopping assistant thinks. But at home you do not have to worry about a single soul and make smart decisions. Sometimes you are too embarrassed to come out of a shop without buying anything, so just for the sake of it you end up buying an unwanted product, which is a waste of money. So stay at home, shop around and do not let anyone know.

Avoid the crowd

Crowded places can really spin your head. The rush in malls during festive seasons is uncontrollable. The mob compels us to shop in a hurry majority of the time. We feel sad and dissatisfied over our purchases later on.

Running into stinky or grumpy people while shopping can also be a big turn off. Large crowds also mean lesser car parking space, which means carrying huge shopping bags to your car, which is parked at a distance.

Compare prices easily

Customer reviews and Google makes comparing prices online easy. Home shopping helps you share your shopping experience with others in forms of reviews and opinions. You cannot run from one brick and mortar store to another to find out the price of a product you need, whereas online you can easily evaluate prices and buy from the place offering you a deeper discount.

Buy old stuff at discounted prices

You can easily buy reused items at basic prices. These items are hardly used and are almost new. If you want to purchase antiques or furniture for your house, then there is no better place then shopping online for it.

Become a compulsive shopper

Most of the times we shop online, we end up buying products we do not even need. Sometime we also end up compromising as we do not have ample choices. Online shopping helps to become a compulsive shopper whereas shopping from a brick and mortar teaches us to be an impulsive shopper, which is obviously bad for us.

Save Electricity and Energy

When online shopping will take over brick and mortar store shopping completely, you will see how the prices of items drop as there will be no electricity and store maintenance expenses for the retailers.

Greener way is the best way, so next time you are looking for a retail therapy. Go shopping online. You will feel better, enjoy it more and make best purchases.

Send Gifts

Online shopping makes gifting super easy. No matter where your loved ones live, with two clicks you can send them beautiful presents and make their big day special. You can also enjoy deeper discounts and deals on special occasions such as, Mother’s Day and Valentines’ Day.

Lesser expenses

We all know shopping is incomplete without eating out and impulse buying. So home shopping can actually save you from becoming broke, it controls your expenditure and helps you save for a rainy day.

Easy to search the item you want to purchase

Sometimes it is almost impossible to search the item you want to buy. It is tossed away in a shelf in the last aisle of the shop, whereas searching your desired product online is child’s play. Imagine the time you save.


Understanding the mind blowing advantages of home shopping on both the environment and your pocket, there is no point to shop any other way. So simply log on and shop away. But do not turn your car towards the mall unless it is really an emergency!

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