Common Myths about Voucher codes Debunked

Coupon codes or voucher codes are sales incentives that lure customers with discounts and free shipping. There is a further reduced discount margin, if there is any association with the affiliates.

Research shows that a coupon code on your shopping website may encourage your customers to hunt for coupon codes in search engines and can lead them to your affiliates. In light of this, mentioned below are some very interesting myths and their facts about online voucher codes. It is important that you understand the facts so that you can avail the maximum benefits provided by online retailers.

Myth#1 Voucher codes are hard to share by customers

Fact: The voucher codes are not difficult to share. Customers are not as selfish these days as they previously were, if the coupon code is attractive. The customers may make it viral through email and social networks. Some voucher codes become so popular that the retailers run out of stock.

The customers really want their loved ones to exploit the benefits of voucher codes and make full use of the available discounts. These days the customers believe, if they are getting something less, why shouldn’t everybody else..

Myth#2 Voucher codes are inflexible for customers

Fact: Many people think voucher codes are inflexible and can be used only for discounts, whereas there are a wide variety of promotions for which the coupons are used. These vouchers are versatile. They help to judge the customer behavior pattern for businesses and helps the customers garner more than one benefit from the discount coupon.

Myth#3 Voucher codes cam only be tracked through Google Analytics

Fact:  Yes, Google Analytics may be the best way to track customers, but coupon codes are also easy to track, if the coupon code system is incorporated into your ecommerce platform. Companies can easily monitor the codes redeemed and the profits they have made. It can also help them to calculate their income.

You can also use coupon codes to track the marketing strategy and evaluate the performance of your products and voucher codes. Voucher codes can make analysis easy and you can know learn excessively about customer behavior and use this analysis to for future developments.

Myth#4 Voucher code companies offer no support

Fact: It is often thought that voucher code companies lure customers to use their vouchers and provide them no support, in case the voucher does not work due to some technical difficulty or glitch.

This is a complete myth as many companies are available 24/7 to help customers and address all their queries. Vouchers are issued to generate a long time relationship between the customers and the company. The companies make all efforts ensure they can reel in customers, who are always loyal to them.

Myth#5 Voucher codes help to build only a one-time customer base

Fact Vouchers force the customers to visit the company’s website again and again. This is not a onetime relationship, but a lifelong commitment. Once a customer redeems a voucher code and uses the product. He becomes so loyal to the company that he visits again and again, provided that he was given top-notch services in the first place. 

Myth# 6: Voucher codes are only for old stock

Fact:  Many people think that voucher codes are only for the clearance of old stock. This is completely untrue. Some companies may provide discounts on their new collection as well as a part of a promotional campaign.

Yes, voucher codes can help to get rid of old stock, but that is not always the case. At times you might also find that you can use your discount voucher to buy the latest products, clothing, etc.

Myth# 7 Voucher codes increase customer support burden

Fact: There is a common myth that voucher codes increase customer support work, since many people call and email to register their queries and complaints regarding the voucher. However, this is a complete myth because voucher codes increase your online selling, which reduces the burden on the call center.

Voucher codes are normally simple to use and are easily redeemable so there are almost no questions or queries about them.

Myth#8 Voucher code companies promote high margin products only

Fact: This is completely false. Some companies also promote their products with low profit margins; as low as 20 percent, as a part of their promotional campaigns. They may earn fewer profits, but they will win over permanent customers, which is an intelligent bargain.
Customers also become satisfied as they receive good products for a fairly reduced price. The basic purpose of voucher codes is not to make money, but to win over customers and make them loyal clients. Voucher codes help to establish and enhance customer credibility. It helps the customer to learn to trust the company, which is a win-win situation for both the customer and the company.

Myth#9 Voucher codes are only to attract new customers

Fact:  Coupon codes may help to attract and acquire new customers, but they can also be used to pacify old customers, who have had some a bad experience with the company. These coupons will help those old customers realize that the company still cares about them and their opinion and wants them back as their loyal and long-lasting consumers.

The amazing deals offered by voucher codes can bring back the disgruntled customers and can sky rocket a company’s customer base.

Myth#10 Voucher codes are difficult to spilt test

Fact: Voucher codes help you readily understand your customer base. Do your customers redeem a 20 percent voucher code more than a 5 percent one? If yes, you know your target market and how to strategize to enjoy maximum profits.

Spilt test coupon codes are ideal for analyzing customer behaviors.  These voucher codes are an amazing solution for a fading sales target.  They work way better than an email or brochure. They promote, attract, analyze and sell. They provide so many solutions in only one option. Companies and customers both, who do not try at least once voucher codes, are missing out on some great opportunities.

Myth#11 Voucher code companies off limited run time only

Fact: Every coupon code can have an expiry date, but some companies may have long expiry dates, so the customers have plenty of time to redeem the voucher. Research has shown that coupons with long expiry dates are more redeemable then vouchers, which have a limited time such as two days or a week.

You can have voucher dates for as long as three months and you can still make profits. This will make the customer think that you are not pushing them to use the voucher. This builds a sense of trust in the customer, which is more profitable in the long run. Vouchers are not just for the moment profits. They are a kind of investment, which helps to harvest profits in the long run.

Myth#12 Coupon codes make no difference to average order value of the product

Fact: This is a myth and you can easily increase your average order value by limiting the usage of voucher to a certain amount. This may, however, force the customer to spend more than they desire and can have a bad affect on the company-customer relationship.

Myth#13 Voucher Codes are difficult to learn to use

Fact: Voucher codes are easiest to use. All the instructions are available on the online sales website, you just have to use them and you can simply redeem your voucher code. Coupon codes are effortless and rewarding. They only have advantages, if they are used correctly and properly.

Myth#14 Collaborating with affiliates is a bad idea

Fact:  Collaborate with your affiliates and provide them with voucher codes they can give to their customers. This will boost sales and will provide you with a stronger customer base. Voucher codes can also reduce the work of your affiliates in drawing customers to your business. This can be a brilliant idea and can stimulate sales in no time.

Myth#15 Coupon codes are not as popular as they previously were

Fact: This is untrue. Coupon codes are massively becoming popular with each passing day. The satisfaction they give the customers by providing them stuff for free or at discounted prices is immeasurable. Voucher codes have become such a trend that they have now become more multipurpose then we can even think.


Voucher codes and promotional codes can be beneficial for both the customer and the company provided they are used correctly. Many people complain having a bad experience with coupon codes. This bad experience is a result of wrong evaluation. Make sure the product your ordering is worth every penny you pay and do not get swayed away by coupons only.

Yes, promotional codes are an added advantage, but do not solely focus on them. They are only available as an attraction and should be treated like them. However, using coupons can help you save money and become a smart shopper. Coupons enhance your shopping experience and help you buy really good stuff at discounted prices or with free shipping. So get up now and get going to redeem your voucher codes now.

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