'It's the Greener Way to Shop' and Many Other Reasons Why You Should Opt for Home Shopping

Online or home shopping has gained massive popularity in the recent years. People do not believe in wasting their time in shopping malls now. They would like to take their kids out to a park or hang out with their friends on a weekend; rather than wasting their time roaming around endlessly in shopping malls.

Home shopping has many advantages. This is the reason why every retailer or designer has an e-store now. The online shopping trend is growing rapidly and is definitely here to stay.  Online shopping stores offers clothes, gadgets, home accessories, electronic appliances and every item you will find in the brick and mortar stores.

Online shopping is also the green and eco-friendly way to buying and purchasing. You do not require car trips and imagine if all brick and mortar stores begin shifting online, how much electricity and other resources we can save?  How incredibly beneficial it will be for the humanity.

 Online shopping is convenient and fast. Your desired stuff appears right at your door step in just one click. You do not need any shopping or transportation. There is no hassle of hiring a baby sitter or dressing up. You can buy whatever you want from the comfort of your own house.

Online shopping increases your will power and helps you curb your over spending habits. While shopping in a brick and mortar store, you fall prey to instant satisfaction and buy whatever your heart desires. Many a times, when you come home, you realize that you did not even need the stuff you spent hundreds of dollars on. Home shopping makes you a smart shopper and controls impulse buying.

Home shopping reduces air pollution and helps you save fuel, which is getting costly by the day. It decreases the environmental pollution caused by additional packaging and help to decrease electricity bills. Online shopping also offers greater variety and some amazing discounts.

Going to mall now is an old school way of shopping. Online shopping is the modern and easy way. The internet has made our lives simpler and we should take advantage of this modern blessing and shop the clean and green way only.

We share some of the reasons that will establish why shopping online is way better than shopping from a brick and mortar store. These advantages will convince you to log into your computer and from now on make all purchase online only.

Paperless Environment

Home shopping allows you to make purchases 24/7. You can shop online at midnight wearing your pajamas and you do not have to worry about a thing. You can buy your stuff in minutes and there is no waiting line for you to pay the bill.

All guides and manual are also available with products you buy and come in the form of an e-book. Imagine the amount of paper; you save with online brochures and manuals. By shopping online, you are indirectly also contributing to a paperless environment.   If you want to avoid crowd and feel claustrophobic easily then there is no shopping method more convenient for you then online shopping.

More Variety

Online shopping offers a wide variety and infinite opportunities. You can buy from various brands and retailers, from the same e-store.  You can even make purchases from online stores in other countries without spending a single dollar on airfare. Online stores help you stay updated on local and international trends. They diminish the geographical boundaries while shopping.
Showcase space in brick and mortar stores is limited. Moreover, many products are not displayed properly and the consumer fails to notice it whereas, in online shopping stores it is almost impossible to overlook a product ever. Some stores now also deliver products as soon as they become available, in case you want to order an out of stock product. What else can a consumer want? Online shopping is comfortable and quick.

Better offers

Discount vouchers and cash back websites have made online shopping so much fun and easy. You can buy products at discounted prices and also save money. Online shopping offers special discounts to increase online sales. While shopping from home or work, your mind is in a more calculative state and you make better shopping decisions. The ambience of shopping malls is luring and attractive, you lose your focus and are not able to exploit the potential of discount deals.

Save fuel and reduce pollution

Fuel prices increase every month almost. Just calculate the amount of fuel you can save when you shop from home. Driving and gas releases in the air also have an impact on global warming. You contribute to both climate change and increasing carbon in the atmosphere every time you turn on the ignition. So try to shop online as much as you can and contribute to cleaner and greener environment.
Online shops save you from driving from one shop to another in search of the best prices. You can buy the best product in the best price right from your computer or cell phone.

No hassle of over-packaging

Online sellers are now recycling packaging to ship products. Online shopping reduces environmental pollution as there are no plastic shopping bags involved. Many famous retailers are now just reusing cardboard boxes and bubble wraps to save the environment.

So next time if someone argues with you that online shopping increases waste, make sure to share that home shopping encourages recycling whereas shopping from a brick and mortar store promotes wastage through plastic and paper shopping bags.

Make discreet purchases

Sometimes you want to shop privately and do not want to share with the world what you are buying. Home shopping is best for making cautious purchases. You do not have to worry about what other people think of your choice.

More often you are shopping decisions are influenced by what other people or the shopping assistant thinks. But at home you do not have to worry about a single soul and make smart decisions. Sometimes you are too embarrassed to come out of a shop without buying anything, so just for the sake of it you end up buying an unwanted product, which is a waste of money. So stay at home, shop around and do not let anyone know.

Avoid the crowd

Crowded places can really spin your head. The rush in malls during festive seasons is uncontrollable. The mob compels us to shop in a hurry majority of the time. We feel sad and dissatisfied over our purchases later on.

Running into stinky or grumpy people while shopping can also be a big turn off. Large crowds also mean lesser car parking space, which means carrying huge shopping bags to your car, which is parked at a distance.

Compare prices easily

Customer reviews and Google makes comparing prices online easy. Home shopping helps you share your shopping experience with others in forms of reviews and opinions. You cannot run from one brick and mortar store to another to find out the price of a product you need, whereas online you can easily evaluate prices and buy from the place offering you a deeper discount.

Buy old stuff at discounted prices

You can easily buy reused items at basic prices. These items are hardly used and are almost new. If you want to purchase antiques or furniture for your house, then there is no better place then shopping online for it.

Become a compulsive shopper

Most of the times we shop online, we end up buying products we do not even need. Sometime we also end up compromising as we do not have ample choices. Online shopping helps to become a compulsive shopper whereas shopping from a brick and mortar teaches us to be an impulsive shopper, which is obviously bad for us.

Save Electricity and Energy

When online shopping will take over brick and mortar store shopping completely, you will see how the prices of items drop as there will be no electricity and store maintenance expenses for the retailers.

Greener way is the best way, so next time you are looking for a retail therapy. Go shopping online. You will feel better, enjoy it more and make best purchases.

Send Gifts

Online shopping makes gifting super easy. No matter where your loved ones live, with two clicks you can send them beautiful presents and make their big day special. You can also enjoy deeper discounts and deals on special occasions such as, Mother’s Day and Valentines’ Day.

Lesser expenses

We all know shopping is incomplete without eating out and impulse buying. So home shopping can actually save you from becoming broke, it controls your expenditure and helps you save for a rainy day.

Easy to search the item you want to purchase

Sometimes it is almost impossible to search the item you want to buy. It is tossed away in a shelf in the last aisle of the shop, whereas searching your desired product online is child’s play. Imagine the time you save.


Understanding the mind blowing advantages of home shopping on both the environment and your pocket, there is no point to shop any other way. So simply log on and shop away. But do not turn your car towards the mall unless it is really an emergency!

Money for Nothing & Everything You Buy for Free: Is There a Catch to Online Discount and Cashback Offers??

Cashback offers and online discount vouchers allow you to earn a return from the percentage of the money you spend on certain purchases. Cashback offers are a great way to earn money, while shopping online.  The amount you save is different for each cashback website and retailer. To obtain highest cashback, you can compare various websites, but be sure to only select those cashback websites that offer free membership.

If you want to purchase something online then instead of buying directly through the company’s website, buy it through the cashback site to earn and save money. Now a question rises for many of us: is there a catch to these online discount and cashback offers?

Cashback deals are becoming increasingly popular and consumers are making more purchases online than ever before. They have discovered that payback offers can give their financial situation while shopping online a significant boost.

Cashback offers can be lucrative if some important things are kept under strict consideration.  We share some of the catches with you, so you can avoid them and enjoy this amazing offer.

Some Catches of Cashback

Cash back is a bonus only.

According a recent study, 40 percent of cashback users don’t earn any return. Sometimes a dispute takes place between the cashback dealers and the retailers. The cash back website doesn’t itself receive any return on investment and hence it cannot pay you anything. The best way to save yourself from this catch is to consider the payback as a bonus only. Enjoy it if you receive it, but do not let it drive your buying decisions.

Cash back is yours only after it is in your back account

You simply cannot claim the cashback unless it is in your back account. Cashback websites can easily go bankrupt and you have almost no protection in this scenario. You may claim that the cashback website is a creditor, but once the cashback website closes down, all your money is gone and you cannot do anything about it.

Withdraw cashback as soon as you reach the threshold value

Try to withdraw your cash as soon as it reaches the threshold value because all your money will be gone if the cashback website stops functioning. Sometimes the company also changes the payout policy and can give you less money then you have actually earned.

Blaming the cashback website will be no good, instead try to withdraw the cash as soon as you believe the maximum value has been reached.

Focus on the best deals, not on the cashback

Do not let a deal with the most cashback offers attract you. If you fail to receive any cashback, the deal might be expensive for you. Try to concentrate on the cheapest deals. People often become ravenous and start purchasing expensive things to save their cashbacks. This becomes an addiction and leads to more loss then benefits and can damage your financial situation.

Clear the cookies in your browser

To ensure you receive your cashback, clear the cookies in your browser, so you can be tracked easily and can receive your due cashback.

How to save oneself from cash back catches?

Cashback catches are overhyped and can easily be avoided, if simple measures are taken.  We share some of the steps that need to be taken to avoid cashback catches and be a smart online shopper.

Select Cashback websites with free membership offers

Remember the best cashback websites have no annual membership fees. New users are provided a 30-day free trial package. After 30 days, if you do not downgrade yourself to the basic package, you may be charged automatically. Your cashback earnings also depend on the cashback website you choose. Try to select renowned websites, even if they offer less cashback.

Their history and reputation will guarantee to some extent that your cashback is safe and the company will not go kaput. It is best to keep your guard up while shopping rather than blaming the cashback website later on.

Cashback websites should boost return by 5 percent at least

If you choose vouchers instead of cashback, then you should receive a return of at least by 5 percent. Make sure you compare different websites offering cashbacks. Any website offering very high or low cashbacks for the same product can turn out to be a bogus website.

So try to be safe and select only top- notch cashback websites and then purchase from them. Purchasing through cashback site is also an art, which is learned and polished through experience. The more you buy, the more you will realize your mistakes and you will become better at buying.

 Trade cashback for rewards

You can also exchange your cashback for rewards. Every cashback website has a different exchanging system. To check point swapping for cashback, you can visit the website of any top cashback company.

Trading in for rewards can also be a good idea, because sometimes you get better deals in exchanging for rewards. For example, you can trade- in a £10 cashback for 1050 points, which can give you a Clubcard from Tesco.

This trade-in will ensure your benefits and will save you from losing your money. So make sure if you do not want to withdraw your cash back as yet, just trade it in.

Earn cashback in-store

There are many top cashback websites that are offering in-store cashback offers as well. Yes,  cashback websites have gained such popularity that retailers are now incorporating this idea in stores as well.

This is a win-win situation for both the retailers and the consumers. The retailers like to gain to more customers and the customers like to buy high quality stuff at discounted prices or with cashback offers. Cashback offers can be attractive and can be a good selling point for the retailers. There is no catch in cashback, if these offers are properly used and understood.

Do Research between different cash back websites before placing the order

Make sure to avoid any loopholes when you bounce between various websites before choosing the best deal. Even if you lose your cashback for a different reason, you will still be satisfied that you made the best deal and did not make any decision concentrating on the cashback only. The competition among cashback websites is only expected to rise as consumers become more and more aware about this money earning and saving phenomenon.

Do not distribute your cashback thinly

Majority of cashback websites return money only when a certain limit is reached, so try buying from the same cashback website. Instead, of buying from many different websites, if your cashback is low or beyond a certain limit. You might be never able to redeem it, wasting all your savings and hard work shopping.

Try to start cashback purchasing with a friend or family member who is experienced. In this way, you can easily overcome any hurdles and will not be confused at every step.

Check for reliability

Make sure the cash back website has an automated list of the websites that claim they pay. The cashback offers comes with risk, so there is no point of looking for a risk free offer. Just make sure that the risk you take is worth the product you are purchasing.

Some small sites are also included in the automated pay list and you can trust them. Cashback offers are also an exchange of trust. But do not take it to heart, if in case you fail to receive any cashback. Take pleasure in what you receive and forget what you do not.

Check if you will get all the cash

Some websites charge an annual fee and others send updates after a month, charging money from you. Make sure you are aware of this loophole. Study the website carefully before buying in order to know how much you have to pay and how much cashback you will receive.

Some cashback websites can be tricky to use and can hide information from the user. Be smart and do not fall prey to any of such websites. Cashback benefits depend on you. If you will be smart, you will gain from it otherwise some of these cashback websites can exploit you as well.


Cashback strikes chord with both online and in-store shoppers. After all, who does not like to save or make more money? Cash back websites are generally safe and secure. But still it is important to take all the necessary steps before making purchases through any of such websites.

Research and read reviews. This is an easy way to understand cash back pitfalls and how to make maximum money out of these offers. Cashback websites reward the retailers with more online traffic and cashback websites with more rewards. So, just take the necessary precautions and log on to the cashback website and enjoy the advantages.

Earn cashback by Introducing a Friend

Smart ways to shop online

Shopping has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, no longer do we have to join a queue to purchase our  favourite TShirt.  Technology has enabled us to shop at our leisure whenever we feel like it via smartphones, laptops and tablets. Ecommerce providing shop windows for everything, everywhere!

With myriad of brands, retailers and varieties on display the thrill to nail that perfect “prom dress” or “causal suave look” right on the head gets the adrenaline pumping but where to start for the best deal?

Standing out from the ecommerce crowd is 247 Home Shopping – it finds the best offers and deals, in fact all the offers, and puts them together in an easy to use website.

Here are the reasons why online shopping clicks with more people over offline shopping:

  • On Sale:  providing instant offers from all the retailers, you have added to the pool of favorites. It doesn’t let a chance slip by so you won’t miss an exciting offer on your favourite brands.
  • Vouchers: Put all the vouchers building up on your desk to good use. Use the discount codes to get the best offers.
  • Flash Sales: Visit us to get the best deals of the day whenever you set your cursor on our shop. Every hour get exciting deals at an exclusive price to outnumber everyone in the market.
  • Retailers: Choose from millions of stores and retailers. View the best variety of goods from all walks of brands under a single tab.
  • Cashback: Every purchase gives you a little something. Cash back is an easy way to build up some extra cash to use on other purchases in the future.
  • Price Comparison: It is easy to scan all the products online to get the best price deal amongst the products.

With all these benefits under on one website – you may never need to join a queue again!

Common Myths about Voucher codes Debunked

Coupon codes or voucher codes are sales incentives that lure customers with discounts and free shipping. There is a further reduced discount margin, if there is any association with the affiliates.

Research shows that a coupon code on your shopping website may encourage your customers to hunt for coupon codes in search engines and can lead them to your affiliates. In light of this, mentioned below are some very interesting myths and their facts about online voucher codes. It is important that you understand the facts so that you can avail the maximum benefits provided by online retailers.

Myth#1 Voucher codes are hard to share by customers

Fact: The voucher codes are not difficult to share. Customers are not as selfish these days as they previously were, if the coupon code is attractive. The customers may make it viral through email and social networks. Some voucher codes become so popular that the retailers run out of stock.

The customers really want their loved ones to exploit the benefits of voucher codes and make full use of the available discounts. These days the customers believe, if they are getting something less, why shouldn’t everybody else..

Myth#2 Voucher codes are inflexible for customers

Fact: Many people think voucher codes are inflexible and can be used only for discounts, whereas there are a wide variety of promotions for which the coupons are used. These vouchers are versatile. They help to judge the customer behavior pattern for businesses and helps the customers garner more than one benefit from the discount coupon.

Myth#3 Voucher codes cam only be tracked through Google Analytics

Fact:  Yes, Google Analytics may be the best way to track customers, but coupon codes are also easy to track, if the coupon code system is incorporated into your ecommerce platform. Companies can easily monitor the codes redeemed and the profits they have made. It can also help them to calculate their income.

You can also use coupon codes to track the marketing strategy and evaluate the performance of your products and voucher codes. Voucher codes can make analysis easy and you can know learn excessively about customer behavior and use this analysis to for future developments.

Myth#4 Voucher code companies offer no support

Fact: It is often thought that voucher code companies lure customers to use their vouchers and provide them no support, in case the voucher does not work due to some technical difficulty or glitch.

This is a complete myth as many companies are available 24/7 to help customers and address all their queries. Vouchers are issued to generate a long time relationship between the customers and the company. The companies make all efforts ensure they can reel in customers, who are always loyal to them.

Myth#5 Voucher codes help to build only a one-time customer base

Fact Vouchers force the customers to visit the company’s website again and again. This is not a onetime relationship, but a lifelong commitment. Once a customer redeems a voucher code and uses the product. He becomes so loyal to the company that he visits again and again, provided that he was given top-notch services in the first place. 

Myth# 6: Voucher codes are only for old stock

Fact:  Many people think that voucher codes are only for the clearance of old stock. This is completely untrue. Some companies may provide discounts on their new collection as well as a part of a promotional campaign.

Yes, voucher codes can help to get rid of old stock, but that is not always the case. At times you might also find that you can use your discount voucher to buy the latest products, clothing, etc.

Myth# 7 Voucher codes increase customer support burden

Fact: There is a common myth that voucher codes increase customer support work, since many people call and email to register their queries and complaints regarding the voucher. However, this is a complete myth because voucher codes increase your online selling, which reduces the burden on the call center.

Voucher codes are normally simple to use and are easily redeemable so there are almost no questions or queries about them.

Myth#8 Voucher code companies promote high margin products only

Fact: This is completely false. Some companies also promote their products with low profit margins; as low as 20 percent, as a part of their promotional campaigns. They may earn fewer profits, but they will win over permanent customers, which is an intelligent bargain.
Customers also become satisfied as they receive good products for a fairly reduced price. The basic purpose of voucher codes is not to make money, but to win over customers and make them loyal clients. Voucher codes help to establish and enhance customer credibility. It helps the customer to learn to trust the company, which is a win-win situation for both the customer and the company.

Myth#9 Voucher codes are only to attract new customers

Fact:  Coupon codes may help to attract and acquire new customers, but they can also be used to pacify old customers, who have had some a bad experience with the company. These coupons will help those old customers realize that the company still cares about them and their opinion and wants them back as their loyal and long-lasting consumers.

The amazing deals offered by voucher codes can bring back the disgruntled customers and can sky rocket a company’s customer base.

Myth#10 Voucher codes are difficult to spilt test

Fact: Voucher codes help you readily understand your customer base. Do your customers redeem a 20 percent voucher code more than a 5 percent one? If yes, you know your target market and how to strategize to enjoy maximum profits.

Spilt test coupon codes are ideal for analyzing customer behaviors.  These voucher codes are an amazing solution for a fading sales target.  They work way better than an email or brochure. They promote, attract, analyze and sell. They provide so many solutions in only one option. Companies and customers both, who do not try at least once voucher codes, are missing out on some great opportunities.

Myth#11 Voucher code companies off limited run time only

Fact: Every coupon code can have an expiry date, but some companies may have long expiry dates, so the customers have plenty of time to redeem the voucher. Research has shown that coupons with long expiry dates are more redeemable then vouchers, which have a limited time such as two days or a week.

You can have voucher dates for as long as three months and you can still make profits. This will make the customer think that you are not pushing them to use the voucher. This builds a sense of trust in the customer, which is more profitable in the long run. Vouchers are not just for the moment profits. They are a kind of investment, which helps to harvest profits in the long run.

Myth#12 Coupon codes make no difference to average order value of the product

Fact: This is a myth and you can easily increase your average order value by limiting the usage of voucher to a certain amount. This may, however, force the customer to spend more than they desire and can have a bad affect on the company-customer relationship.

Myth#13 Voucher Codes are difficult to learn to use

Fact: Voucher codes are easiest to use. All the instructions are available on the online sales website, you just have to use them and you can simply redeem your voucher code. Coupon codes are effortless and rewarding. They only have advantages, if they are used correctly and properly.

Myth#14 Collaborating with affiliates is a bad idea

Fact:  Collaborate with your affiliates and provide them with voucher codes they can give to their customers. This will boost sales and will provide you with a stronger customer base. Voucher codes can also reduce the work of your affiliates in drawing customers to your business. This can be a brilliant idea and can stimulate sales in no time.

Myth#15 Coupon codes are not as popular as they previously were

Fact: This is untrue. Coupon codes are massively becoming popular with each passing day. The satisfaction they give the customers by providing them stuff for free or at discounted prices is immeasurable. Voucher codes have become such a trend that they have now become more multipurpose then we can even think.


Voucher codes and promotional codes can be beneficial for both the customer and the company provided they are used correctly. Many people complain having a bad experience with coupon codes. This bad experience is a result of wrong evaluation. Make sure the product your ordering is worth every penny you pay and do not get swayed away by coupons only.

Yes, promotional codes are an added advantage, but do not solely focus on them. They are only available as an attraction and should be treated like them. However, using coupons can help you save money and become a smart shopper. Coupons enhance your shopping experience and help you buy really good stuff at discounted prices or with free shipping. So get up now and get going to redeem your voucher codes now.

How to Make the Most of Online Cash Back Offers

Online shopping has undoubtedly introduced a plethora of benefits for all that shop through the medium. Apart from granting significant price cuts and discounts, another really good advantage online businesses offer is cashback. Cashbacks offer an attractive incentive for shoppers, who can save a lot of money while shopping for their favourite products and services online. You can avail such cashback offers from a website that is known as a ‘cashback website’.

One of the best benefits you can enjoy while shopping through these websites is the opportunity to earn some money back. While your discount coupons help you to buy a product on a lesser cost, you can think of cashback payments as a source of second earnings via the total sum of the cashback points in your account. Cashback websites offer their subscribers a separate account where the website keeps track of the total points accumulated by the shoppers that shop via a specific cashback website. And when your accumulated points grow to an extent of a certain threshold, the website offers you to cash in your points and withdraw money.

You can either redeem your points as hard cash, which is transferred to your bank account via different payment portals such as PayPal or you can redeem your points in the form of gift vouchers.  It is important to understand that when you begin to shop online, broaden your money-saving options. Meaning, instead of consistently sticking to either discount coupons or deals, try to look for ways you can get a cashback. 

How Does Cashback Work?

It is quite simple really. All you have to do is find a reliable cashback website and subscribe to their cashback services. You can do that by typing in your email address and make a password. Once you are subscribed to the website, the next step is to look for a list or online retailers or shops that the cashback website works with in providing different products and services. However, you will have to shop from that particular website in order to generate a decent cashback.

So, once you buy a product from a particular retailer, the website gets a commission from that retailer. The website then shares a percentage of the total commission it has earned from that retailer with you. Now the amount paid to you by the cashback website can vary from website to website. Different websites have different commission structures in line with the retailers they provide their services to.

So, another factor you need to consider when shopping from cashback website is comparing different cashback websites, searching for a one that pays that highest amount in cashback to its users. In light of this, ensure you don’t subscribe to a cashback website that provides you with a free membership offer.

Tips to Help you Make the most out of a Cashback Website

Here is how you can shop for your favourite dress or shoes from a cashback website and get paid for it too. 

Indulge in Bulk Shopping

The advantage of a cashback becomes great if you choose to shop for multiple products instead of just buying a single product. So, refrain from shopping for one or two products, unless it is absolutely necessary. The only way you will be able to stack up your cashback points is if you buy in bulk quantities from the website. For example, buy 3 or 4 t-shirts instead of buying just one. In case you want to buy assorted products, for example, smartphone accessories, a surround sound system or books, always buy from a reputable cashback departmental store. Good cashback websites provide users with great discounts and cashback opportunities when they see you are an avid shopper. 

Subscribe to a Reputable Cashback Website

Again, it is important that you create an account with the respective cashback website. Subscribe only to those sites that have a list of your favourite online retailers. There is no use for subscribing at a cashback website where there is a short list of popular online retailers.

Monitor your Cashback Offers

It is important to remember that cashback offers are strictly promotional. They act a very powerful medium of attracting customers to different online retailers. Therefore, keep in mind that cashback offers are never provided for an indefinite period of time. They are rather offered to be attained within a validated time period.

Different Cashback Websites Offer Different Deals

If you want to increase your cashback, you should try listing the top 5 cashback websites and compare what percentage each website offers. Compare the prices of your favourite products and then figure out which site is going to pay you better if you shop with them. Although it may take bit of time comparing different sites, in the end it is totally worth it and you will be able to save a lot of money too.

Important Rules for Shopping for a Cashback

Before you begin your hunt for a big cashback it is important that you consider some potential drawbacks of cashback offers as well:

Cashbacks are never a Confirmed Thing

There are many online shoppers who complain about the inconveniences they have to face when tracking cashbacks. And there will always be times when you count on getting a cashback, but won’t. According to some statistics on cashback payout, 40% shoppers never get paid their due cashbacks. Well, the percentage is mentioned is not confirmed, but it does present a problem.
In case you never get your cashback, you should immediately get in touch with the site’s customer support and demand an explanation. Shoppers only confront this problem when the sites they shop from don’t get their commissions from their respective retailers. 
The Cashback is your only when the amount is credited in your Account

Always wait for the cashback to be processed into your account before being happy about it. The website can always experience difficulties when processing your payment and your payments can be delayed. Plus, because of the fact that there are a ton of small time cashback websites, at times many websites close down, therefore failing to pay you your due cashback. 

Bank your Cash as soon as you get it

It is strongly suggested that you withdraw your cash the moment you get because you never know what’s going to happen if you keep on stacking up your cashback points to rake in a hefty payload. So, it is safe to prompt for a cashback as you hit the minimum threshold for cashback eligibility.

Refrain from Accessing Un-Familiar Cashback Sites

Most cashback websites are reputable ecommerce websites that operate on strict codes of ethics and consumer benefit. But if you want try your luck with a website that is not that well known; it is important that you first do your research. So, type in the name of the website on Google and browse through the search results. Moreover, you can type in complaints along with the name of the website. If you see a ton of negative results then it is better that you stay away from that site.
It is a sign that the website is not managed adequately. On top of that, if the website offers you a free subscription, then consider a scam.  

How to Boost your Cashback

Opt for a Cashback Credit Card

Cashback credits cards can help you increase your cashback payment by more than 5% at times. By spending and shopping through your cashback credit card you can get a hefty cashback each time you buy a product from your trusted website. There are two ways when it comes to cashback payments and cashback credit cards, so whatever you spend your cash on via your card, you will always get a percentage of money earned by the website.

Enjoy a Cashback by not buying anything

Yup, there are a lot of cashback websites that offer cashbacks to their customers without even requiring you to buy anything from them.  Wondering how? Well, it is quite simple really; you can make money off cashback websites by clicking on several links on the particular website. Cashback websites share a percentage of the total revenue they make via online adverts. So, you can earn a good profit by just helping them send more internet traffic.

Market competition between online retailers will never cease and market is getting a lot more competitive and expansive by the day. And all of this is happening with sole purpose of increasing sales by keeping you (the shoppers) happy at all times. In light of this, online retailers are now offering better deals and cashback offers.

There is no doubt that cashback offers appeal to millions of online shoppers worldwide. So, instead of getting out bed to go out and shop for everyday things, why not shop via cashback websites? Cashback sites offer you benefits and incentives that many other types of online stores can’t or won’t. So, shop for your favourite products and earn big in the form of cashbacks. 

The Many Benefits Offered By Online Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are considered to be a very effective and necessary innovation, introduced more than 20 years ago. By giving you the power to compare a plethora of policies from a single platform, the websites have compelled dozens of online businesses to base their plan of action and competition on ‘price’.  This has fundamentally aided a lot of start-ups and smaller businesses and brands to solidify their stance in a highly competitive market.

Comparison websites are part of a multibillion dollar industry. Take Moneysupermarket for example, which has a valuation of over £1 billion. And it is no surprise that the website’s advertisements have featured a score of celebrities, which also includes Snoop Dogg.

However, because of the undeniable rise in the influence of different comparison websites, many sites have displayed an ever increasing aggression when it comes selling products of the companies they work with, using ruthless tactics to achieve their goals – to retain their profit margins. After a two year study, the Competition & Markets Authority published its findings, identifying a lot of informal tactics utilized by comparison sites.

More specifically, the CMA reported that a majority of sites overly insist that the online businesses using their services restrain from selling their products any cheaper on different ecommerce websites. Although this tactic can been seen as very effective, it does a have one drawback, the online businesses have their hands tied when it comes to product negotiation and offering good deals to their customers, stripping away consumer benefit.

The CMA also reports that there are various comparison sites that are trying hard to minimize consumer pricing. However, they are consistently failing because of the hard line tactics being implemented by other competitors. Comparison sites make money by securing a commission from online businesses. But they are instances where the CMA identified that many comparison sites are willing to put a dent in their commissions so that an online business can lower prices for its customers.

However, online businesses hesitated on agreeing to these proposals because of the fear of breaching ‘favoured nation’ policies. Many competitive sites reacted by dangling a sword on their heads, saying that they will remove their products and services from their website without giving it a second thought, something that many online businesses cannot afford at this point – in essence they cannot disappoint top rated comparison websites raking in business from them.

This is where the CMA intervened and implemented a no holds barred approach and has strongly suggested eliminating this monopoly. This is where online businesses can breathe a sigh of relief, although competitive sites can argue that they don’t sell their products any cheaper on their sites, but they will not be able to remove the online businesses from their website. So, things do seem to take a turn for the better with the help of CMA policies.

This is also bodes a fair advantage for the consumers who will now have the chance to visit multiple websites to get the best offers on different products. Although it is a no brainer that consumers should visit different websites to shop for products as there are a lot of online businesses that do not appear on several comparison sites. Although you won’t have to say good comparison websites have a wide range of product categories.

The Benefits of a Price Comparison Website

Rather than going to a number of different websites for shopping online, you can compare different prices against different quotations offered by many online businesses. Doing so will allow you to be more precise and analytical on the products you buy, saving both time and money in the process. In light of this mentioned below are some of the advantages that comparison websites have to offer:
Saving Money (No, really)

Comparing prices of different products online via different websites helps you to select products that are priced best. This is important as the same product displayed on a website having a certain price may cost considerably less or more on a different website. Plus, it also helps you to buy a product or service founded on your own specific criteria. All that you have to do is go through different comparison websites and get a good quote. Yes, this may take a bit of time, but in the end it is profoundly worth it as you get to save money, especially if you are buying more than just one product.


Rather than seeking information from various websites, you can access a comparison website and get your quotes from a single source via just a click of the button. Comparison websites offer variety and a lot of data that you can go through to determine a good buy. So, this also offers the element of choice. All you have to do is surf through a wide range of categories available on the website. Good comparison websites offer very easy access.

Search for the product you are interested in buying and scurry through the options available. Top comparison sites help you to make your product search more specific; connecting you to the shops you can get the product or services from at a relatively cheaper market rate. After you have determined the product you want to buy the site will suggest a plethora of shops that have that product along with their respective pricings.

From there on, you can make a smart decision regarding where to buy your product from. Furthermore, many top comparison websites also provide customers with a review service. There you can read different reviews about how good the site is and how helpful it has been to consumers. You can either read general reviews or read reviews about the product you wish to buy. A review service further solidifies your chances of attaining the right product from a reputable shop or source.

No Need to Look for Discounts and Offers

If more consumers begin to use comparison sites, they will not have to waste time keeping an eye out for special promotional deals or discounts. The whole point a comparison website is to provide a single platform where you can get the right deal, which is not being offered anywhere else. Another plus point about these websites is the fact you can sit at home and get your desired products delivered right at your doorstep. It is a no brainer that online shops offer round the clock services, you can compare the price of a product and get it delivered the very next day or the same day, depending on what product you buy.

Saving Money on Transportation

The fact that you are getting everything you need from a single source means you don’t have to go out for anything. Just order the right product online and save money on commuting.
Instant Notification in case of Sales

Comparison websites keep you up to date with all the latest sales and promotion going on at different brands and labels. You can get timely notification on your smartphone, and you can avail a discount right there on the spot on your favourite product without having to worry about anything.

No Fear of Being Cheated

As top comparison websites are reputable and legitimate you will not have to worry about whether the pricing on the products are accurate or not. You can now safely shop on your favourite holidays without having to worry about being ripped off.

Knowledge of Good Ratings

As comparison websites have a transparent rating services offered to all, you can compare reviews regarding your product(s). Legitimate reviews and rating bear further testimony on the reputation and authenticity of the comparison website. This mean you can shop for a plethora of products under one roof, sitting at home. Plus, you will also be able get real life ratings from real customers, making your shopping experience even simpler.

Access to Different Services

Apart from shopping for different products by comparing prices, you can also compare prices of a variety of financial services as well. For example, you can opt to compare prices of different insurance policies. If you want to buy a car you can compare different insurance prices and make an informed decision. Similarly, if you want to buy a house, you can compare different insurance and mortgage prices offered by a number of financial institutions.

All in all, the very essence of shopping via comparison websites is the very fact that you should read the reviews posted. Always be informed about the product or service you wish to buy. Never hurry to a decision, read reviews and look at the ratings a particularly product that you interested in has gotten. That will be more than enough for your arrive a more desirable conclusion as to whether you should buy that product or not.

So, the next you feel like going on a shopping spree, just visit a good comparison website and shop safely and with a piece of mind knowing you will save a lot of money.

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